Get Off My Lawn

by Uncle Sam MC



The debut album from Uncle Sam.


released June 22, 2015

Recorded, Mixed, & Mastered by Alex Allinson at The Bridge Sound & Stage, except Kid Thinks He's Nice, mastered by Mike Cip. All songs written & performed by Uncle Sam, except Who Told You? (featuring Bakari JB) & Pioneering Burdens (featuring Adam Horn). Livid was produced by Alex Allinson. Who Told You? was produced by Andy Mac. Kid Thinks He's Nice & Pioneering Burdens were produced by Latrell James. Rules was produced by Sutherland. Hush was produced by Dee Lay. LFOD was produced by Mity Maose & Killer Kowalski. Art by Spikepit Productions.


all rights reserved


Track Name: Livid
The city’s got me pissed
Dealing with this bullshit
Let me make it clear
Leave me alone, because I’ve had it up to here
Can you handle that?
Patience I lack, at both ends I’m burning candle wax
Its simple facts keep the world in motion
About as calm as the deepest ocean
Bout to tsunami somebody
Ready to flip
Calm is for Ghandi
Sam got an army of zombies
Ready to trip
So I spit the deadliest shit
Tryna catch a grip
I can’t slip
I can’t fall. I can’t fail
Can’t see it? Learn to chant brail
Success is the only option
Ain’t buying in to other’s doctrines
Couple shepherds, bunch of sheep flocking
I feel better when the beat’s knocking
If you with me better keep watching
If you’re not, then change the channel
Lumberjack rap, rocking flannel
Swear I’m feeling like a young Rambo
I’m miles from home, minding my own
But the seed’s already been sown
Now you’re in my face, right in my zone
Telling me I need to lighten my tone?

Can’t you see that
The city’s got me pissed
I can’t deal with it

It’s the same shit, different day
What can I say?
Stuck living in a world of grey
All I wanted was to be happy
Realized that’s not happening
I said fuck it and I started rapping
Now I’m mad at the world
Take notice-
I’m under pressure, starting to smolder
Hot head atop cold shoulders
Mt. Saint Helen when I’m yelling
Like I don’t care if I’m ever selling
I’m a stick to the facts
Bone to pick with an axe
But they feel it cause it’s shit you can grasp
In the palm of your hand and just smash
Right into the ground
It’s going down, cracks in the pavement
If they’re already dead are they worth saving?
Well, that’s an answer that I don’t have
Who knows the right from the wrong paths?
Can’t see the signs through the smoke and ash
Yet you take it in with a deep breath
With each step sink deeper to a new depth
Things you love you start to do less
Try and reduce stress
But every day brings a new test
Who’s gonna lose next?
It’s all a game to see who bends the truth best

Can’t you see why
The city’s got me pissed?

I can’t afford to live in the city I was raised
They came from out of state
And they pushed us out the way
Got me wanting to say fuck it, fuck it, just fuck it
I gotta rise above it, find the source and then unplug it
I wonder do I love it?
Cause at times I really hate it
But it might be a situation that I in fact created
Distracted by the mazes and a drive for occupation
Got me pacing round in circles, wandering off the reservation
So I’m thinking to myself- is it worth the aggravation?
Or do I just pack my shit and bounce without an explanation?
Cause I’m losing all my patience; I can’t carry conversation
Got me looking in the mirror like who the fuck I’m facing??

The city’s got me pissed.
Track Name: Who Told You?
Who told you you could flow bro?
You’re average, sorta so-so
I’m hot as Acapulco
Scramble like Tony Romo
Off 20,000 NoDoz
That’s date like the 00s
These days it’s more like coco
With keef and filtered photos
No posing for the promo
I’m deep inside the dojo
I don’t know how to yo-yo
I see the world in slow-mo
Solo like Supermoto
With styles by the boatload
Before I lose my mojo…
I’m breaking the glass
With a foot up your ass, I’m taking out trash
If you think I would crash
Pack up your bags, step away from the tracks
React as the elements crack
Small acts keep the mental intact
Hold fast as the pendulum snaps in half
Wrecking all records of recollection
Acceptance of adolescence
Improperly placed aggression
Wait- please pardon my digression
One more time, let me ask you the question…

Who told you you could flow?

You don't have permission to be spitting
Your shit is sounding like friction
To my eardrums, I'd be near dumb if a dare listen
To a poser, who I oppose
I suppose, I should set this all on fire yo, I desire the riot flow
On every track I ball out like a debutant
You stay high, I stay on a higher echelon
Cheffing some of that food for thought in your restaurant
Your level on the mic's where I'm stepping to bike pedal on
You livin the life, whenever you pick up the mic
I feel like you pitching the dice, thinking your nice
Wanna be on point, but what we spit is precise
You wrote the song, I can't listen to your flow for long
Introducing whoever told you wrong to my open palm
What the five fingers say to your face?
You won't survive if you playing it safe
You got the drive, but you late to the race
Supply the fries when I pay for my plate
Cause you can't rhyme, you just takin’ up space

Who told you you could flow?

So now that that’s established
I’m kicking backwards habits
Progressing on to lavish
Stay buzzing like I’m Maverick
I’m unconcerned with status
So please check your baggage
And keep it moving down the line, don’t mind the apparatus
We’re just checking to make sure
Your presence is a pure
Reflection in case you’re
Projecting a face for the purpose of collecting evidence
Ever since I’ve been flowing like this, I’ve been hesitant
Of trusting other residents
Cause embellishment is running rampant in these streets
The shit is devilish
I ain’t the one to enlist
In your cliché little cliques
I’d rather dive off a cliff
Into a bottomless pit
And fall ass over tits
Until the galaxy rips
And we no longer exist
Are you catching my drift?
Shit, I should practice biting my lip
But I got a question…
Can you guess what question it is?
Track Name: Kid Thinks He's Nice
Oh yeah, I've seen your kind- #1 all the time
And if you ain't there yet, it's just a small climb
Man, I don't hate your drive
And I don't hate your features
It's just it all seems so God Damn elitist
I am above nobody
There is no one beneath me
You do your thing
I'll do my thing
I don't like sounding preachy
And I ain't necessarily even trying to help
I'm just speaking some words, talking bout how I felt
You probably heard it all before
Let me guess- haters?
It's not your fault, you can't help stunting on these spectators
They are all so homely
But if it wasn't for them, you would be so lonely
Your friends are so phony
It's sad really, no one cares enough to let you know
You carry on and on and on and they just let you go
Sit back, laugh, pop corn, and then watch the show
Meanwhile I'm looking like "Well, I told ya bro"

Kid Thinks He's Nice

Yeah, I know your type
Bet you got laid last night
A second time, by the same chick, for the first time in your life
And now you're thinking you're nice
Now you're thinking you're on it
Now you wanna talk slick
Now you're making little comments
Now you're starting to get cute
Well, let's talk a little truth
Buddy, those ain't your shoes
You think I'm jealous of who?
You think I'm jealous of you?
Well, how's that gonna be?
Cause I've never let another person's worth effect the way I felt about me
And that ain't bout to change
That's how you go insane
Hard enough just to maintain
Without playing those games
I try not to complain
I try not to notice,
But these selfie taking motherfuckers act like they are all working in showbiz
You're not cool and I know this
Whole style's just bogus
That's enough about your shit
Cause now I've gotta stay focused
On my message for today
These cats are acting in a play
When you see them round the way
Now you know just what to say
Track Name: Rules
There’s rules to this shit, but I’m a bout to beak ‘em
What up BIG? Thanks for inspiration
But I gotta go my own way, own route, new day
Delayed a minute, now I’m back on track
You can’t deny the truth because the facts are fact
And the fact is that
The whole world got a system in place
To keep up all stuck in a space
It goes wake up, go to work, come home tired
Drink as much coffee as you need to stay inspired
Work just hard enough so that you don’t get fired
Cause you gotta get money, buy the things that you desire
That you’ve seen on the TV screen in between
Running in place, playing your part in the scheme
But you’ve know it since the Wu, it’s all about the C.R.E.A.M.
And cash rules everything, there’s no question
Number one rule in life, no second-guessing
If you’re truly legit, you gotta know there’s rule to this shit

There’s rules to this rap game, what they wanna hear
What’s hot, what’s not
Well, let me make it clear
I ain’t had a successful career
‘Til you hear me on a track next to Premier
I’m hear for respect, never lying for a check
I’m above the wine and dining, see through it- that’s a bet
I plan to be around for a long, long time
There’s a hard road ahead, it’s a one big climb
But I’ll be just fine- your vision’s just different than mine
See I learned how to rhyme by a different design
Remember I had the album with the Canibus sign
Smif-n-Wessun, Boot Camp taught me the meaning of shine
I was banging Big L, Screwball, and Cormega
Lost Boyz, DMX, of course Jigga
The L.O.X. had me wilding out non-stop
I’d love to burn it down with that clique
But it’ll probably never happen, cause there’s rules to this shit

Now let me put you on to the rules I plan to play by
Stay honest, even when they lie
It’s been said before but it bears repeating
All I got is my balls and my word, emceeing
Play hard, any and all seasons
Falling back on the team, is nothing short of treason
Even in the spring sneezing gotta bless the tracks for the legions
Of fans, AKA the Army
One nation under hip-hop ya’ll, you can’t harm me
I know you heard this before…
Never get high on your own supply
Nah I’m just playing, but don’t forget who did the paving
Of this road that we’re on right now, know what I’m saying?
Plus I get high as shit off of the lines that I flip
Gotta be careful it don’t go to my head
That’s code red
Brain-dead, hit’s got you in a twist
Think you might rise above the mix?
C’mon, man, there’s rules to this shit
Track Name: Pioneering Burdens
As the story unfolds, I’m on it like a hawk
I’m seeing how they move and I’m hearing how they talk
But something seems strange, just a little bit off
While I’m laying down this pavement, keep popping up with chalk
Writing out their names and scribbling their little art
Yeah, it looks cool ‘til I’m pouring out my scotch
Walking other folks roads and you wonder why you’re lost?
I could spell it out for you, but really I’d rather not
In the war room with my day-ones, laying out the plot
As I stick to the script you rather would crew hop
No foundation, so you’ll always be chasing a new thought
Like a cat when a moth fly by
You get tossed straight out the picture
I’m raw- no mixture
It really is simple, just stick to the scripture
When the time comes you’ll find yourself a fixture
While these cheat code cats still search for the elixir

I am…a hero hibernating
I’m a have you screaming like
Eyes on the beast, I can’t find no release
A hero hibernating
Did you think that you would get me like that?

I’m not even stressing, sometimes it’s just depressing
Seeing people that you rock with never learn a lesson
Or maybe it’s just me and all this second-guessing
Got me missing out on simple solutions to tough questions
I’m learning to count my blessings
Keep my mind clean, meditate for perception
Sometimes I think that I’ve lost my direction
Step back, then I notice my progression
Small changes like a bonsai tree
I’m placing bets, never wonder what the odds might be
And I’ll be damned if I let you play my cards for me
Nomad, I’m not known to have a squad with me
Gods and beasts, keep distance from the frauds and cheats
Thorns or wreathes- as above, so beneath
Dark nights spend searching for a worldless peace
Long lost, on we march, no retreat

I am…a hero hibernating
I’m a have you screaming like
Eyes on the beast, I can’t find no release
A hero hibernating
Did you think that you would get me like that?
Track Name: Hush
Keep it to yourself, Keep it to yourself
You know what? Just keep it to yourself
Keep it to yourself, Keep it to yourself
Why don’t you tell somebody else?
Cause you talk and talk, but we’re looking for some action
So we’re gonna assume that you’re acting
Unless you show us something else
Until then, just keep it to yourself

You get the message yet?
Stressed, puffing cigarettes
Gears grinding, revving, red-lining just like a Chevrolet
You can guess what’s next
Guaranteed a wreck
So slow down a sec or hurry up and press eject
The corner’s coming and you’re moving too fast
I can’t tell you how to live, but buddy it’s your ass
So you better be prepared when you hit that grass
Gotta stop, drop, and roll- it happened all in a flash
Barely time to react
That’s what they said when they talk about it
It’s so sad
If someone could’ve told ‘em, bet they wish they had
Or maybe they did?
You know you can’t always stop the skid
Cause some folks don’t learn as quick as the rest
Always seem to be surprised by what comes next
And I’d love to hear your story, but more is less
So maybe it’s best if you just held your breath
You know?

Keep it to yourself

I’m sick of hearing ‘bout all this word of mouth
He said, she said- well, I gotta air this out
Either you will or you won’t
So stop squawking bout your plans motherfucker and just do it or don’t
Grab a paddle or make room in the boat
If you jump right now you could probably still make the coast
The sharks are starting to circle, yeah they’re getting real close
And I’m trying real hard just to keep us afloat
So I could do without the chitchat on this raft
And if that’s too much for me to ask…
Wait a minute- let me flip that
If you sit back with a six-pack and some zig-zags and you rolled up and lit that
Would you really care about my mishaps?
See why I’m struggling with this energy?
The type of shit that turns a friend into an enemy
No doubt, you know I care about your health
But some things you’re better off keeping to yourself

Keep it to yourself, Keep it to yourself
You know what? Just keep it to yourself
Keep it to yourself, Keep it to yourself
Why don’t you tell somebody else?
Cause you talk and talk, but we’re looking for some action
So we’re gonna assume that you’re acting
Unless you show us something else
Until then, just keep it to yourself
Track Name: LFOD
Make this brief- I am great
Least that’s what my pen states
But I ain’t fucking with kids
Allow me to demonstrate

First I hit ‘em with a Stone Cold lyric
Bet they curl up ‘round the time they hear it
Hit with a stunner and the crowd’s all cheering
3:16 ‘bout time you beer him
That’s when I spear ‘em in the head on some other shit
Yeah flags fly, but the cameras are loving it
Uncle Sam, man I’m bigger than the government
Wall St, Main St, Democrat, Republican
Lot of dumb shit done just for the fuck of it
Buck got passed- guess who got stuck with it?

Moment of silence for the ones left behind us
Who continually inspire us to keep on struggling

Yup, that’s what I’m talking ‘bout
Head up, even though your stock is down
Yup, that’s what I’m talking ‘bout
Head up- I think we’re going down

Back to the bottom where the bass is bumping
No one really knows… I guess he’s saying something
Sounds so smooth can’t help being sucked in
Rally round the man when you see him at a function
Left Right Left Right Left Right Left
Only thing certain is your marching to your death
One day at a time, so I’ll pray in these rhymes for the changing of signs
‘Til the future is mine


This right here ain’t really my style
But you know I rip it every once in a while
Turn up my mic and I do it with a smile
Gotta give my best for every man, woman, and child
You know the future’s for our children
And it’ll be a better one for them, Lord willing

Now, back to the fact that the spot where I’m at on the map
Is a place that’s lacking attention
Least when it comes to this hip hop shit,
But there’s a couple other things I could probably mention
Sports teams are a source a negativity from the top spots that they’re constantly clenching
Patriots, Bruins, Red Sox, and of course the motherfucking Celtics

Yup, New England’s what I’m repping for
Granite State, it ain’t no metaphor
Yup, so what you waiting for?
603- roll with me, lets kick this fucking door

Right off the hinges, get down to business
Grind from the bottom to the top of the hit list
Look back like oh, I did that?
Somebody better fix this
Right now I’m bout to twist this
Been a while since I ashed out a lit spliff
And my thoughts ain’t the crispest
But I’m the first to admit this
While rapid-fire rhyming while I’m blitzin

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