The Ballad of Johnny Appleseed

by Uncle Sam MC

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released May 6, 2016

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Alex Allinson at The Bridge Sound and Stage. All songs written and performed by Uncle Sam, except "With You' featuring Christina Lacoste. Thank you to my friends & family for their incredible patience and support along this unconventional journey.


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Track Name: Daybreak (Produced by Alex Allinson)
I'm sitting here thinking 'bout that call that never comes
As I close my eyes, vibe to the drums
You know the Sunday morning situation, hesitation
Skipping out on brunch today, no reservations
I'm lounging round the house
No slippers, just some comfy socks
Harvest on the speaker box, told you I'm chilling
Coffee almost done dripping, guitar is riffing
And I can't imagine living any different
Existing in a twilight system, long lost religion
As I notice it, the fog starts lifting
Moments like this, they never do last
So I try not to focus on the past
But the past couple days it's been creeping back
Scratching at what I lack, cracking my vision of the future
So I'm tryna recap, relax, get the pieces-stacked
As I zone out, blowing on this hookah

Got to let go

And then I'm right back at it, static jamming up my brainwaves
These days, they all seem the same
Searching for something, something I'm not certain
Curtains pulled back, now they reveal the rain
Some things are not meant to change
Drops, dropped, dropping
Look into your pockets, won't you see what's stopping
The progression, grown stressin'
No lessons without the right questions
Hardest part about it, goals get re-routed
It's so much easier to see when you doubt it
Inside I'm shouting, outside a mountain
The hurricane's coming, rocks tumble into streams
I stumble out of dreams with bright eyes, today is my tomorrow
The present, it is so hollow
The past only weighs us down, gotta get it off the boat
You can sink or swim, but I think I'd rather float

Got to let go.
Track Name: Solitude (Produced by Motion Picture & Alex Allinson)
I'm in a world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
I'm right at home in a world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
I've never shown this world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
I've only known this world of my own, I'm in a world of my own

I was riding 'round town with my thoughts flying 'round
Back and forth inside of my head, that's when the light turned red
I hit the brakes quick, almost didn't make it, gotta pay attention
Happens so fast, present becomes the past
Past was tense, but I made it out with just a few dents
In my mental, still I feel like I'm grinding gears in a rental
Marching to my own tempo
How it's always been
How's it gonna be?
We'll have to wait & see
About you & me
I'm in my own world, lucid 'bout my truancy
But hey, I'm used to it. Cruise through it
Theme music for dream students
And the rolling stones, you know no moss is grown
Lonely souls at home wherever they roam
Deep in thought, few expressions are shown
So alone in a world of their own

I'm in a world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
I'm right at home in a world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
I've never shown this world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
I've only known this world of my own, I'm in a world of my own

I've been here so long that I can't picture it different
Just try to play me out of position
You can't, it won't happen
No slackin', stone cold reaction
Close-captioned, snow globes in Aspen
I got it figured out
I found another route
I'm bout to line 'em up, knock 'em down, blow 'em out
You think I'm zoning out
But, nah- I'm focusing
Mind like Machete, cutting cords cause they rope us in
And what I've noticed is, the common motive is
"Mind yo business kid, who you think we chauffeuring?"
I'm opening up shop, oh yeah I'm on it now
You had your run, but it's time to take a bow
Why don't you come through?
I'll show you something new
Give me a sec or two, tell you what I'm gonna do
I'm stepping into my zone, changing my tone
Recognize this world as my own

I'm in a world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
I'm right at home in a world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
I've never shown this world of my own, I'm in a world of my own
It's time to mold this world as my own, I'm in a world of my own
Track Name: My Story (Produced by Motion Picture & Alex Allinson)
I hit the road give or take twenty years ago
Somewhere down the line I learned how to flow
Verbalize what I saw as I travelled the globe
I would tell a lot of stories, but never my own
I guess I figured it was not that interesting
And shit, who would even be listening?
That's when I realized I am not that different from you
And you are not that different from me
Don't you see?
Only thing different is the scenery
In between our ears we got the same machinery
We all laugh, we all cry
We all love, we all lust
We all die in our lifetimes
So what is it makes it all special?
It's the ones you walk next to
The only folks who'll ever know how it is your story really goes

My story can't be told
Nope, no it can't
But why don't you walk along & take a chance
Flip a coin, find out where it lands
There's some things that you wouldn't understand,
But for better or worse they made me who I am
C'mon & take a chance
Forget about the past, cause the future's in your hands

They'll try to put you in boxes
Got you feeling like you're running out of options
Truth is, that is nothing but some nonsense
Take a walk with me, baby we got this
We can march to our own beat
Whether sand, cement, or grass underneath
Side by side for each step
Take it all in with two deep breathes
I can't wait for what's next, no I really can't
Gotta take a chance
Throw away your plans
Rise above your circumstance
That's where it starts to get crazy
Realize these story tellers are lazy
The script is much more fluid
You can do what you want, you just do it
But it's a lonely road and I walk alone
So I'd love it if you'd take a stroll

My story can't be told
Nope, no it can't
But why don't you walk along & take a chance
Flip a coin, find out where it lands
There's some things that you wouldn't understand,
But for better or worse they made me who I am
C'mon & take a chance
Forget about the past, cause the future's in your hands

So what's it gonna be?
Will you roll the dice or just wait and see?
Can you take that step?
Do you worry what's next?
I'd rather be bold, cause from now until I'm old...
Track Name: Center (Produced by Teeba)
It Feels so Good
It Feels so Right...

Certain vibes you can't replicate
So when you catch 'em, trust you gotta let 'em ventilate
I demonstrate with the 1, 1, 2 & you don't stop
For sure, kid
Choice cuts marinating, it's important
When we met, her hair was pinned up with an orchid
My man James, he was tapping on the organ
Who needs bells & whistles?
We keep it simple
She told me I should smile more- stop hiding all my dimples
I could see it maybe later if the moods right...
Oftentimes I find I shine brighter under moonlight
But that's a story for later
Right now I'm tryna chill, catch a hold of these vapors
You know the mindstate
Feel the rhythm within, the rhythm within
Til it comes full circle, no beginning or end
Become a part of the blend, no sense in bucking the trend
Cause you never can tell when it will happen again

It Feels so Good
It Feels so Right

Picture floating on a lake
Sun shining as you take
Deep breathes, less stress intertwining with your fate
Chillin, If I could put it plain
Gotta maintain, thinking long range
Need I explain?
See the everyday grind got me drained
You know the feeling-
Wake up every morning & just to stare up at your ceiling
But you fight through it, hear the right music
And just ignite to it
What's up? I'm right there with you, that was never the issue
Can't miss a day, cause the day doesn't miss you
We keep moving on
It's the same song, different dance
Feel my mood enhance, perfectly in tune with the circumstance
I took a chance and I'm rolling with it
Shake the dice, watch my soul pivot
I'm so alive when the horns hittin
It's my daily nutrition
The reason I celebrate existence

It Feels so Good
It Feels so Right

So won't you join me in my universe?
As we converse and the stars burst til the first chirps of the songbirds?
I'm sick of worrying about the wrong turns, focused on the right feelings
Different approach has led to slight healing
But we could do more, and we could be better
I remember sitting down to write that first letter
What should I say? What did I think?
Beats me, I had to let my thoughts flow with the ink
The only way I'll ever get to know
And now we're on the same page, never letting go
I like it though, I could float here for eternity
No longer concerned with any uncertainty
Can't let pettiness overburden me
I'm tryna breathe deep and live slow
So much different than a week ago
I plant seeds & I watch 'em grow
Taller than I thought they would
If you ever felt the same then it's understood

It Feels so Good
It Feels so Right
Track Name: With You (Feat. Christina Lacoste) [Produced by Lightfoot]
You know whenever I'm with you
I'm feeling better than I'm used to
I could get used to this vibe if you feel it to
So let me know where your heads at, what your hearts saying
I'm tryna grow up, I'm done playing
Got this feeling inside like they're operating
Know what they say, butterfly stomach & shit
A while since a smile left me with a buzz like this
You can change my life with one little kiss
Rearrange my whole world with the touch of your lips
Yet it seems like I'm walking on coals
I want to know your soul
But it's something that I can't control
I can see my friends shaking their heads
Like "Well- that Sam I know, that Sam is dead"
Nope, I'm right here & I'm better than ever
These colors don't run, no matter the weather

Been a while & I've still got that feeling
Got my thinking like, "where is the ceiling?"
Will it get better every day?
Or is there gonna come a time when it fades away?
Shit, I don't even wanna think about that
So when those thoughts come I gotta fight back
Push 'em off to the side of my mind
I'm having the time of my life
And though you are far from my wife
I did think how my name'd sound put together with the one you got
You never know, why not?
Well, I guess we're a bit too young & things change with the setting sun
Lord knows what we'll see tomorrow
We could wake up lost, confused, sick & hollow
It's not your fault and it's not mine either
It's just how it goes and for now know there ain't a thing sweeter than...

Your love's comfort, your love is peace
My life's stress, it gets deep. I need a release
Around you I feel a sense of relief
I was so incomplete, got lost in the shuffling feet
But I think I found my way home
Finally roamed to the center of the cyclone
My mind's blown that you feel the same
We share the sun, stars, even the wind & rain
It used to be I'd find a way to complain
But oh not now, I saw you smile & forgot how to frown
So high I could never be down
When I'm not around, you're in my heart, you're the reason it pounds
You're on my tongue, you're a part of my sound
It's really like that
I take a trip, I'm coming right back
You're with me each breathe, every day, each step, every way
I'm running out of ways to say it...
Track Name: Onward (Produced by Flip Jackson)
Hopped out of bed with a smile on my face, ready for the race
Some things you've gotta give chase
And the way that the sun's rays peaking through my shades
Let's me know that this is gonna be one of those days
Gotta get up & go, I got seeds to sow
But they need the right soil so their roots can grow
Once you find a home, next step is the flow
I know mama told you 'bout that H2O
But not every rotation's gonna feel this gracious
Dig deep, push back, fight for your spaces
I've been in the desert praying for friendly faces
While somewhere in the city she's wishing we'd trade places
Gotta tie up your laces
Seek truth, find peace, drink from the oasis
Learn how to move through the ages
The journey is the same, we all got our own paces
I've got a skip in my step, I can chill for a minute then I got to jet
I'll tell you this, I'm glad we met
You've given me some moments that I'll never forget

I think I'll be OK
It's looking like a beautiful day
I'll be OK
It's looking like a beautiful day

It's looking like a beautiful day, I think I told ya
Anything that gets in my way, I'm jumping over
Everything that that you've got to say is better sober
Black & white will turn into gray as you get closer
These are just some things that you learn as you grow older
World seems to go one way, people get colder
So I stay moving, a step ahead of the polar
Nose to the ground, bag of dreams on my shoulder
Drink water, not soda
Clean thoughts, clear mind, maintain composure
I just want to know who told ya
Anything different; I think that they're tryna mold ya
Wake up & smell the aroma
And then get to it, cause fortune favors the bolder
No more living in a coma
Sitting 'round, waiting for some non-existent closure
I'm focused on supernova
The song stays the same refrain until the coda
I guess I'm just another rover
Passing palisades, parishes, and pagodas

I think I'll be OK...

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