Got That (Produced by Pastime)

by Uncle Sam MC



One of the first songs I made. Still one of my favorites.


Lemme tell you motherfuckers what you're listenin to
Sam n Pete two of the illest to do what we do
What we do is rip tracks kick facts that's abstract
The fat stacks? yeah someday we might have that
But right now were just doin this for ourselves,
The people around us- ya cause they know how we felt
Back then when there was nobody else
Used to pick records off shelves
Bang em in the attic at the top of the house
Non stop day in n day out
Cause a ruckus tryna figure what the business about
Came a long way, got a long way to go
Lissten close the boy know how to flow
Got a style of his own plus the beats are fresh
Brand new top notch debut nothing less
Than what the people expect
An we gotta give em what they're cravin
You will now witness the re-birth of a nation

Chorus x2

This the type of shit get you hyped when you right in the whip
Zig-zaggin like a lightning hit
If you high then light up a spliff
If you drunk then you just gotta try n keep your eyes on the strips
Life's the same- be sure to keep the headlights outta your lane
Follow the brakes, pass em overtakin their place
Foot on the gas, mash it if they tryin to chase
Remember the stakes are right where you set em
And you cant lose no chips if you don't bet em
But you cant win a Goddamn thing either
Don't matter what you got, jus make em a believer
Cause it's a good chance they don't have nothin either
So whats the deal, are you playin or not?
Survey says I'm takin the pot
Aces or not
Yeah I saw your face at the flop
When faced with the block,
My team pick n roll with the rock & rotate for the shot


released July 4, 2012


all rights reserved


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