Kid Thinks He's Nice (Prod. by Latrell James)

by Uncle Sam MC



Growing up, we had an expression: "Kid thinks he's nice". Let me tell you what that means.


Gotta be on the top when you are the topic often
Of all their no good, petty ass, jealous talkin'
But there's another option:
Could be your style's wack & it's the fact you always flaunt it
That shit is not rockin'
You need to turn it down, lookin like a fuckin clown
Chicks smile in your face, snicker when you turn around
Oh yeah, you burnin now
I think he's learnin now
Nah, it couldn't be that- he think's he's earned it now
That car is so loud, the windows so tinted
But when you pull up & park, there ain't no one in it
Maybe some needy bitches
He says he's bout his business
I think reality? No one one wants him round their business
But did you see his watch?
Did you hear his beats?
Did you peep his jeans?
They're like 300 each...
Man, tell somebody else who gives a shit
Cause I ain't impressed even a little bit

Kid Thinks He's Nice

Oh yeah, I've seen your kind- #1 all the time
And if you ain't there yet, it's just a small climb
Man, I don't hate your drive
And I don't hate your features
It's just it all seems so God Damn elitist
I am above nobody
There is no one beneath me
You do your thing
I'll do my thing
I don't like sounding preachy
And I ain't necessarily even trying to help
I'm just speaking some words, talking bout how I felt
You probably heard it all before
Let me guess- haters?
It's not your fault, you can't help stunting on these spectators
They are all so homely
But if it wasn't for them, you would be so lonely
It's sad really, no one cares enough to let you know
You carry on & on & on & they just let you go
Sit back, laugh, pop corn, & then watch the show
Meanwhile I'm lookin' like "Well, I told ya bro"

Kid Thinks He's Nice

Yeah, I know your type
Bet you got laid last night
A second time, by the same chick, for the first time in your life
And now you're thinking you're nice
Now you're thinking you're on it
Now you wanna talk slick
Now you're making little comments
Now you're starting to get cute
Well, let's talk a little truth
Buddy, those ain't your shoes
You think I'm jealous of who?
You think I'm jealous of you?
Well, how's that gonna be?
Cause I've never let another person's worth effect the way I felt about me
And that ain't bout to change
That's how you go insane
Hard enough just to maintain
Without playing those games
I try not to complain
I try not to notice,
But these selfie taking motherfuckers act like they are all working in showbiz
You're not cool and I know this
Whole style's just bogus
That's enough about your shit
Cause now I've gotta stay focused
On my message for today
These cats are acting in a play
When you see them round the way
Now you know just what to say

Kid Thinks He's Nice


released February 5, 2015
Lyrics composed & performed by Uncle Sam. Instrumentation by Latrell James. Recorded & Mixed by Alex Allinson at The Bridge Sound & Stage. Mastered by Mike Cip at Split 2nd Entertainment. Art by Casso.


all rights reserved


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