Steal The Show (Featuring Bakari J​.​B​.​) [Produced by Lightfoot]

by Uncle Sam MC



Smooth- That's how it goes
Groove- Lose yourself in the flow
No Rules- Steal the Show
One thing, though, you got to let 'em know
You gotta give it up, give it up, give it up
You got to give it up, you got to give it up
You gotta live it up, live it up, live it up
You got to live it up, you got to live it up
Give it up for the people in the place tonight
Playin' cool, doin' what they do & gettin' right
Sippin' on a gin & tonic or a vodka Sprite
Jolly Ranchers in the bottom for the Texas type
It ain't nothin' but a chilled out, goin' with the flow vibe
So live- take a deep breathe & let your soul fly
Let your body rock, back & forth-
Baby come on, you know it's your song
That's why I put it on
Keep the party rockin' 'til the crack of dawn
James Bond with the ill demeanor
Chillin' out, twistin' reefer
Drinks on top of the speaker
Shaken not stirred
My speech is not slurred yet, but I'm workin' on it
If I see it then I gotta comment
Right now, if I'm bein' honest?
You got the kind of eyes make me wanna make a promise
Shooting stars, moon rocks, and comets-
I want to give you the world
Steal The Show
Homie hit me up a few hours late for the party
They wanna know where its rockin', they better call up Bakari
Hip hop and dance hall, my back against a wall
Bobbin my head to some Paul Wall & Bob Marley
Shorty doowop had the dance floor on smash
Dudes in here runnin' game like a 40 yard dash
Picked the wrong time to have a combine
You ain't gettin' in the club I seen a long line
You might as well...
You know the type that bend the corner
Scarf tied around your shoulders, it's colder than Minnesota
You got a quarter bottle of liquor, you mixed it up wit your soda
I'ma breeze from the spot and mix it up wit my soldiers
Before I left i caught a diva on my way out
Put in a little work and watch it pay out
We hittin' up this after party, we bout to see how it play out
Come and build with the kid without a layout
Dig me
Steal the Show
The lady that I'm with is an older brunette
Young soul in a blue dress, needed something to do next
We enter the spot where the party at
DJ drop the beat like a heart attack, musical cardiac

The room's spinnin' like a laundromat
As I shimmy on my way to the back, they got the keg tapped
Out of the corner of my eye- "Yo, who is that?"
I see my man, bout to give him a dap

Sam up in here? I ain't even know it though
Let me introduce you to so & so
She in her 40s but still know how to party
With a mean body, rolled in with a cougar like Ricky Bobby

I found a girl of my own, she's in the lobby
Been talkin' for a while, we share all sorts of hobbies
I'll bring you over, I think you'd like her probably
Tapped her on the should, she turned & said, "Mommy?"


released November 20, 2014


all rights reserved


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