Uncle Sam x Evill Dewer - Disconnection

by Uncle Sam MC



released February 2, 2017


all rights reserved


Track Name: Sleepwalking [Produced by Evill Dewer]
I can still see the buildings burning
Hear the screams, the machine turning
120 get your eyes blurry
I can still feel the ground shake, reversing a mistake
The whole planet getting baked
She held tight to her daughter's hand
They weren't safe on their own land
She heard God had his own plan, but they've only ever known Man's
Hot winds carry harsh sand
She lowered her head, covered her eyes
Tripped on the store owner as she ducked inside
He was laying there, dark red dirt by his side
What had he tried?
I could've sworn he was giving out signs
It was one or the other, his life or my brother's
I didn't think - I just let the M1 stutter
Now I see that mother when I see his mother
Can't sleep - in my dreams I try to free that mother
Trapped in the rubble where they took their cover
I think about her & I start to choke
When she cried she hit the right note
Reminded me of something Christ spoke
Bury it all beneath the white smoke

Each day I stumble through this haze
I'm blind
My eyes are glazed
My thoughts don't ever change
My soul is fried
I died
I wish I could escape
Under this weight, I walk
There is no other way

I could use somebody praying for me
Overshadowed by glory, I know the real story
Those outstretched hands appear mandatory
I took the road out to the old quarry
My home is claustrophobic
Drown in details that I never noticed
I came back with a dozen roses
A led weight around my family's neck
I try to keep in check, sell a smile before I disconnect
All I know is I can't stay here
Chasing scripts with a case of beer
Afraid she'll reappear
Awake at night, face stained with tears
Sometimes I wish I never left the shit
Outside of town is where they plant figs
Little kids play soldier & they point sticks
I reflect back on my choices
I didn't do nothing wrong
They were the ones who started planting the bombs
How was I supposed to respond?

Each day I stumble through this haze
I'm blind
My eyes are glazed
My thoughts don't ever change
My soul is fried
I died
I wish I could escape
Under this weight, I walk
There is no other way

Kevin didn't even make it home
September 15th he kicked the wrong stone
My ears ring,
I taste dirt when my thoughts roam back to that morning in the catacombs
Spirit reduced to barely flesh & bones
Say I'm lucky I escaped that hell
But they last saw Kev as himself
I made it back, but I exist as a shell
Imprisoned, I dwell & think about my buddy's laugh
Loud as hell, he'd make you fold in half
Forget the grains in the hourglass
He walked a righteous path
If he felt a certain way he never held it back
But those last few days I saw him start to crack
I'd find him staring off into nothing, mumbling bout something
I'd change the subject
He liked to talk about his baby girl
I said he thought too much about the old world
It's dangerous to let your thoughts swirl
Leads to actions that get your arms curled
And now I know that I'm right
Every day of my life I fight that same fight
Some truths are like the brightest light
I stared so long I finally lost sight

Each day I stumble through this haze
I'm blind
My eyes are glazed
My thoughts don't ever change
My soul is fried
I died
I wish I could escape
Under this weight, I walk
There is no other way

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Track Name: Dissonance [Produced by Evill Dewer]
I woke in a dark room
Hotter than the sun in Khartoum
Thoughts gushing out a sharp wound
Real life versus cartoons, high noon
Attitude rougher than a bar room
Monsoon send you to the wrong doom
What you mean though?
Different kind of lingo
On the scene low, fucking up your jingle
Can't tell me cause you weren't there
Never seen a crosshair
Work my nerves bare preparing for warfare
Breathe in worse air, no one said life was fair
Fuck your arm chair
Approach me with the wrong stare, greet you with a muzzle flare
I gave you fair warning
Fat dab when I wake up in the morning
Looking like a rockstar touring
Tryna keep my life boring
I'm on edge & the meds don't work
Bum knee, my brother OD'd off percs
In the shadow where the needle lurks, a nation of people cursed
I keep to myself, big Buck knife in my belt
Happy to release you from hell
I'll be ready when they ring my bell
Got a sister down in New Rochelle, haven't spoken since the news came out...
Assume she's well, probably sipping on a Zinfandel
I'm drinking battery acid, one combat boot in the casket
Molotov with the match lit, an inglorious bastard
How the fuck did this happen?
I remember when we jumped the tracks
Ain't no way we're ever going back
It's a struggle to adjust to that
Deconstructed facts lead to lab rats...
I'm a student of a different class
Underworld aristocrat, Christian past
Deadly as a diplomat, do the math
Avoid the crash
I couldn't tell what the NASDAQ's at
I mapped my world, then I mastered that
Now the system wanna lay me flat
Different game, got a different tax
These vultures get the last laugh

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Track Name: Bloodletting [Produced by Evill Dewer]
I felt peace as the trigger released
At my feet a dead police, no remorse in the least
You know it's hard to eat when you live in the streets
Though they walk the beat, don't contribute to peace
My day started out the same as the last couple weeks
Been sleeping by the train with my back to the East
Junkard dog frame & I been off the leash
Hustle for some change, fill my stomach with grease
Then I scrounged up a bottle and I walked to the beach
Used to toe the line, live my life by the crease
But the bugs in my brain make it hard just to speak
Waded in the water, got impossibly deep
Now I keep the company of slovenly creeps
This time last year I was driving a Jeep
Need to get help, but the cost too steep
Nana did her best but her spirit was weak
88 years old when she passed in her sleep
Left me in the cold, burning boxes for heat
The only thing I kept was my Pop Pop's piece
It's underneath my vest, keep it tucked in my fleece
Never wanted to use it, nah not in the least
Strictly for protection in encounters with beasts
I was sitting on the dock when I first heard the creek
These God damn kids always fucking with me
Favorite thing to do, they just sneak sneak sneak
Treat me like an animal, a mangy old sheep
But not today, I got a lesson to teach
Pretended not to notice til he got within reach
Then I spun around quick, took him out with a sweep
Leaped to my feet, the boy let out a screech
Big bully turned sweet as a peach
Reminded me of my neice
I smiled & he screamed out please
I let him up to his knees & I started my speech
About what he sowed & what I hoped he would reap
I told him bout the bullshit you inherit when meek
I told him how it feels to be cast underneath
Viewed as a leech
When society itself is diseased
Taking all it can squeeze, it's like bathing in fleas
By then I was causing a scene
I heard the sirens ring, the busy buzzing of bees
Somebody yelled out freeze
I don't remember a thing

@UncleSamMC @EvillDewer #LFOD
Track Name: Overload [Produced by Evill Dewer]
This is what it is if it is what it was
But it wasn't cause I'm hunting for the thoughts
That are humming like a dozen different ways
Every single day, adding to the maze
Can't close a page
Constantly engaged to the point that I'm not
Thoughts breaking in the waves


Breathing out doubt
Worry 'bout the count later
Wait a minute - bounce
Elevator down
Animated clowns, slighted sounds, dollar vs the pound
Political hounds, calamities abound
What's it like to drown?


Hey! Look at me! Hey! Did you see?! Hey! Look at me! Hey!

The nonsense is constant
The process is caustic
The object is blockage
Thoughts become nauseous
The drops of the faucet
Preposterous posture
A pause is the product of posthumous ponderance
Improbable profits, prosthetic polish
The poshest impostors make toxic deposits
Flock to the optics
While positive pockets are lost in the options
Shocked & despondent we march through the darkness
The possible promise of calmness that taunts us
Conscious, Unconscious, Conscious, I'm conscious

Get it Together

Get it together, get my mind right
20/20 third eye sight, highlight
Limitations of attention found finite
Accept, or agitate until your spine's tight
One life - hold tight, no fright
Stone might, take flight
Dark knights spark fights
No ice, my blight

@UncleSamMC @EvillDewer #LFOD
Track Name: Splinters [Produced by Alex Allinson]
I don't give a fuck
I'm gonna start some shit
I don't give a fuck
That's just the way shit is

Tommy woke up & thought today is the day
Nothing left to say, shit just gets in the way
Never one to pray, that's how they make you a slave
Quiet kid, he was respectfully raised
He saw the angles early & caught onto the games
Stopped playing, that's when everything changed
He used to try to explain, they only looked at him strange
The world wasn't built for Tommy, he saw flames
Every time he stepped outside he felt pain
He sees you every day, you always forget his name
He is nothing, not a factor
It twists him up inside, he cries when he hears laughter
It's not a phase or a chapter
Tommy's not a man, he's a second from disaster
Life chewed him up & spit him out even faster
So why give a fuck if anything's coming after?
He smiled as he opened the door and said:

I don't give a fuck
Today, I'm gonna start some shit
Because I don't give a fuck
And that's just the way shit is

Charlie felt the same way as Tommy,
Except he didn't mind hanging round with the zombies
Weren't that bad & they knew how to party
Eliminate your brain, just move with your body
Even though he tried, he fit in pretty oddly
Learned early on he was alone in his hobbies
Gave up on his thoughts, it was easier to copy
But down in the cellar, the real Charlie was plotting
He climbed up the steps & he started with the knocking
Tearing at the frame, he was running out of options
Had one solution to every kind of problem
Opened up the bottle & he started dissolving
He was getting out now & nothing could stop him
Beautiful escape from the cage he was locked in
But the only true release lay deep in a coffin
So If you see him out tonight, you had better not cross him

Because I don't give a fuck
Tonight I'm gonna start some shit
I don't give a fuck
That's just the way shit is

@UncleSamMC @EvillDewer #LFOD
Track Name: Ascension (ft. Bakari J.B., SPNDA) [Prod. by Evill Dewer]
I stand alone in the midst of madness
Withered by my old masters
Made whole by my own actions
Close my eyes & envision blackness
Hold the key to forbidden latches
You hold your tongue as they lower caskets
Solely focused on your hopeless passions
With the rope to match 'em
Sell your soul just to cash in
I got mine & I'm coming for yours
Knock twice, then I kick in the door
What's the hollering for?
You made your bed while I slept on the floor
Sick to my core, crippled with sores
Left for dead, but consider the source
Divine will's a formidable force
In my dreams I've seen villages torched
Cities of ash
These things too shall pass
Are you ready to remove the mask?
It's a wild ride
Let's skip the diatribe, few will survive
The news will lie, know this when you step outside
I'm the product of an open mind
No instructions for these broken times
Remain aligned & try to soak the signs
Watch for the cobra eyes
Sole goal is to polarize
They're a symptom of the whole design
Cold as iron under open skies
Don't get roped into your own demise
Keep your head up

Bakari J.B.

When hate's expected, needs neglected
We keep our eyes on the exit
We dwell up in the septic
A life spitting in the face of reality takes it's toll
Levees break, strong men fold
But we are not alone
Golden souls hold scrolls to truths untold
Only known when the temple is whole
I used to dwell secluded & stoic
Delusions heroic
Blackouts my only motive
Notice shit, could not control it
That's life you gotta roll with
Weight you gotta hold it
Acknowledge your opponents
In moments of atonement, open up and own it
But watch out who you zone with

@UncleSamMC @EvillDewer #LFOD

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